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In May of 2008, I had a very powerful dream while asleep. I was instructed to wake up and buy the domain name www.messagesofhope.com. I did, but I didn’t have any idea of what to do with it. 5 years later, while in the shower, the guidance I had been seeking popped into my head as a fully formed vision.

Here is the message I received:

I was guided to set up Messages of Hope as a giving circle.

How will the process work – now?

  1. At checkout, every e-card on www.messagesofhope.com will have a dropdown menu next to it with a list of charities.
  2. When you buy an e-card of hope or inspiration to send to a friend, you will be able to choose your favorite charity from that dropdown menu.
  3. Once a quarter, 20% of my own net profits from www.messagesofhope.com’s e-card sales will be distributed to any charity you’ve chosen.

It’s that easy.

Once I receive each cancelled check back from each charity that has received a donation, the check will be scanned and posted on facebook.com/MessagesofHope1 for all to see.

How will the process work – later?

Because I don’t have any children, upon my death or sooner, www.messagesofhope.com will become a 501 C-3 non-profit.

My will states that at least 75% of the net profits from all sales on the site will be left, in perpetuity, to the charities that the customers of www.messagesofhope.com choose at checkout, thereby insuring that the charities you choose will receive a stream of income, forever.

In addition, www.messagesofhope.com’s wholesale vendor partners will also have a stream of income for the rest of their lives and beyond.


I am very grateful for everyone that has helped me manifest this vision through the long process of bringing it to life, especially e-card creator Pamela Koudelka, who has dedicated hundreds of volunteer hours to helping me administratively and website developer, Umang Bagla, CEO of The Web Artists in India.

Messages of Hope is dedicated to my father, Gerald LeBoy and my uncle Myron Frederic, MD, both of whom passed away from cancer too young, and Sasha Kane, a young breast cancer survivor who has been a beacon of hope for me and thousands of others for many years now.

And most of all, thank you, each of you. It is only with your support and patronage when the e-card portion of the site launches this fall, that www.messagesofhope.com’s mission to *Give Hope A Home By Giving Back, Forever” can take root and blossom.

Thank you deeply.

Leslie Carothers

messages of hope

Giving Hope A Home By Giving Back - Forever


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