How to Add Your Charity

Please contact Messages of Hope via our contact form if you would like us to add your charity to’s dropdown list at checkout. Quarterly, that charity will receive 20% of our net profits on any e-cards we sell when that charity has been selected by the purchaser.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your favorite charity is, if you care about it, we would like to add it.

The caveat to adding your charity is that we will need a way to independently verify that the funds they will receive from us will be used in accordance with Charity Navigator’s administrative and marketing expense guidelines.

If your favorite charity is a small charity not listed on Charity Navigator’s site, it will need to be a US or Canadian HQ’d charity for the time being. If it is an internationally headquarted charity, like Doctors Without Borders, and is listed with a 4 or higher rating on Charity Navigator’s site, it will automatically be added.

Click Here to Submit your Charity

If you’d like to inquire about advertising or sponsorship opportunities on, we invite you to also please contact us using this form.


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