January 18, 2016
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hope quotes, messages of hope, hope, inspiration || As I was walking Sunday morning, I turned around to take a picture and this is the picture I was given. Then, this morning, early Monday morning, I turned on Facebook and a friend had changed her profile picture to this famous Bible verse from Lamentations 3:23.

The verse struck my heart immediately because it’s just what I needed to see this morning as my Mother heads back into surgery again at 7 am.

I was going to keep this fact of her surgery private this time, but I decided to share it with all of you, as it never hurts to have an extra prayer and dose of good energy surrounding those you love.

I hope, if you might be facing a challenging personal week ahead that, as you begin this new day, this new week, this Bible verse might be just what you need to see, too.

We are never alone in facing challenging times { everyone has something they are dealing with } and truly I have faith that…

“His mercies are new every day.”




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August 14, 2015 (3)

breathe || hope quotes || www.messagesofhope.comWhen I’m feeling anxious, I breathe. Long, deep breathes. In……out….. in……out…… in……out. No matter where I am, and no matter what’s going on around me, I can always rely on deep breathing to center and calm me.

Could this maybe work for you, too? If you’re not used to taking long, deep, breathes, I would like to encourage you to try it. It may not work the first, second or third time to calm you down and make you less anxious or fearful or whatever you might be feeling, but, I promise, if you make it a regular practice, your own breathe will become your best friend in reducing your stress levels and allowing you to think more clearly.

Breathing helps because when you’re concentrating on taking those long, deep breaths, your mind isn’t focused on whatever else is occupying it and you are supplying your body with oxygen.

You can sit at your desk or in bed, or on the couch, or anywhere, and take long, deep breaths….in….out….in….out.

Soon, your mind will become as clear and calm as this.
calm ocean ||
And if you want to, add in prayer and/or meditation to your breathing.

If you do, you will see and feel, over time, your ability to calmly handle the stress and/or calamities that come your way, [and we all have them] – shift.

Breathing is free.

Breathing deeply heals.
the cross || prayer ||

Has a deep breathing practice shifted your life? If you’d like, please share your story in the comments. Many will see it and your story might be just the story to help someone make it through another day.

YOU can #makeadifference

#givinghopeahomebygiving back – forever- to the charities you care most about.

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Meet 12 Year Old Artist Kaia Miller

August 12, 2015
artist- 12 year old Kaia Miller - insta- (2)

artist - 12 yo Kaia Miller || Instagram: growingrainbows || www.messagesofhope.comWith her mother’s written permission to use her images, I’d like to introduce you today to 12 year old artist, Kaia Miller. Kaia lives in New York City and on Sept. 17th, will be in her first gallery show at Ricco/Maresca in NYC.

When I first saw Kaia’s images, thanks to the INSTA feed of my real life friend, Lynn Byrne, author of the blog, Decor Arts Now, I was immediately drawn to them. When I found out Kaia is only 12 years old, I felt a real sense of hope about the future.

If young children can be/are… this in tune with their world/our world/the world, I believe, despite all the negative news we are all bombarded with everyday, that everything will all be ok.

For me, looking at art, beautiful interiors, reading literature and listening to fine music have always been ways to tune out the negative and tune in to what feeds and heals my soul, at a deep level.

Kaia, shown below in this self portrait she made, has an intuitive artist’s eye that captured my heart. When I emailed with Kaia’s Mom, Emily, about permission to use Kaia’s images in this post, I asked if she could have Kaia give me an artist’s statement.

What I received back was a voice recording from Kaia, which is beyond wonderful to have, but I haven’t figured out how to upload a voice recording so I can’t share it yet. When I figure that out, I will include it. I can share, though, four of the things Kaia said in it:

1. Hi, my name is Kaia and I make self portraits.
2. I make these images on my phone.
3. My inspiration comes to me in my dreams or from just walking around.
4. I make one once a day.

artist- 12 year old Kaia Miller | Insta: growingrainbows |
If you love Kaia’s images, too, please follow her on Instagram at

Kaia said in her voice recording that she would like to have lots of people following her on Instagram so she could inspire more people.

Here is another image of hers that I love.
Artist- 12 year old Kaia Miller | Insta: growingrainbows | www.messagesofhope.comIf you happen to live in New York City, and/or will be there on Sept. 17th, I invite you to meet Kaia in person on Sept. 17th, where she is one of the artists in *ME*, the show opening the fall season at Ricco/Maresca.

The gallery is located at

529 West 20th Street, 3rd Floor,
in the 529 Arts Building in between 10th and 11th ave.

Kaia’s Mom and I are fine tuning the details right now, but Kaia will be one of the artists with ecards on, when the ecard/ecommerce portion of my site launches later this year.

If you choose to send one of Kaia’s images as an ecard to a friend, Kaia can make money from her art, which will inspire other young artists to create , too,  and 20% of my own net profits on your purchase will go to any charity you choose and care about, from the long list of charities that will be available on the dropdown list at checkout.


I hope you have been as awed and inspired by Kaia’s art as I have been.

If so, please help your friends know of Kaia’s gift by sharing this post and following her on Instagram.


Good luck with your first show and thank you for your permission, via your Mom, to share your beautiful images with my readers.

You inspire me with your vision for our world and I wish you every success in your first show.

artist- 12 year old Kaia Miller || insta: growingrainbows ||

Leslie Carothers

#givinghopeahomebygiving back – forever- to the charities you care most about.

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