hope quotes, messages of hope, hope, inspiration || As I was walking Sunday morning, I turned around to take a picture and this is the picture I was given. Then, this morning, early Monday morning, I turned on Facebook and a friend had changed her profile picture to this famous Bible verse from Lamentations 3:23.

The verse struck my heart immediately because it’s just what I needed to see this morning as my Mother heads back into surgery again at 7 am.

I was going to keep this fact of her surgery private this time, but I decided to share it with all of you, as it never hurts to have an extra prayer and dose of good energy surrounding those you love.

I hope, if you might be facing a challenging personal week ahead that, as you begin this new day, this new week, this Bible verse might be just what you need to see, too.

We are never alone in facing challenging times { everyone has something they are dealing with } and truly I have faith that…

“His mercies are new every day.”




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